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    Adult, Adolescent, Couple and Family Therapy

    Are you going through a divorce, career change, or other stressful time in your life? Do you have relationship or parenting difficulties? Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, or sleepless nights? Or, do you just want someone to help you talk over the pros and cons of a particular issue?

    In my experience, people seek counseling when they are confronted with some sort of problem or dilemma that causes them discomfort, stress, and/or suffering. While life is full of ups and downs, I believe that it is how you handle these challenges that determines your level of happiness and satisfaction in life. Are you experiencing a satisfactory level of happiness and satisfaction in your life? Do you feel you have all the tools necessary to deal with a particular life challenge? If not, feel free to call or email me for a consultation.

    “Mileah is by far the best counselor I have ever seen in my life-and I have seen MANY! Not only is she an attentive and kind listener, but she actually had input to give and helped me to pinpoint issues and realize why I was feeling certain emotions. She is extremely understanding and actually CARES for her patients on a one-on-one basis. I have never been happier with a therapist/psychologist”